By Neil O’Hanlon

Ladies and Gents. I hope when you read this, you will take a step back and stop badmouthing yourself. When we look at ourselves in the mirror and we see fat, we need to stop berating ourselves and villainising all that fat because when you understand how complex and intelligent our human body’s are, the fat is there for a reason.

If we’ve got all this extra glucose, which is sugar coming into the body and the cells get full up, then the body has to store this excess glucose somewhere, so your body has a choice of wether to store the fat in the organs or as just body fat. If the body stores the fat in our organs, then this is going to hurt our survival. If it stores it as body fat it won’t hurt our survival as much. And this is why when you look in the mirror you’ve almost got to thank the fat that you see.

Fast To Release The Stored Fat

You can rest easy and tell yourself, that all that fat you see before you is just in storage. You can then make the decision to release it out of storage and thats exactly what intermittent fasting does. When you fast, it tells your body that glucose isn’t coming in, and your blood sugars are going down. It senses that ketones are going up and this is the signal needed to start un-storing the fat and using it as fuel. While this is happening the body will not be able to raise glucose or blood sugar, which then enables this to happen.

This is the magic of fat burning when you go into a fasted state.

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