A Short And Simplified Explanation

By Neil O’Hanlon Bsc

Ladies and Gents. This is a question that puzzles many and I really wanted to try and simplify this. Why do so many people succeed in losing body fat, BUT, struggle to keep it off. This is where I see so many diets and calorie restrictive plans fail time and time again. Weight loss is relatively simple, its weight maintenance that isn’t so straight forward. If you make drastic changes in your calorie intake, you will always create a decrease in your metabolic rate, let’s call this your fat burning furnace.

The phenomenon is called ‘metabolic adaptation’ or ‘adaptive thermogenesis,’ and it acts to counter weight loss and is thought to contribute to weight regain

The Takeaway

This new lower metabolic rate that now burns less calories will continue once you’ve reached the weight you want. Now that’s fine but here’s the problem. If and when you go back to your usual diet and food intake, you will likely be eating more than you need for your new lower metabolic rate which means you will gain fat, fact.

And this is why it’s so damn hard to keep weight off by calorie restriction alone.

Hope this helps folks.

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